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A professional company over 20 years to provide domestic and foreign special military police articles and also all kinds of products for outdoor activities.

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    Kango-Tac|Your Reliable Friend

    1. Obtain customers with good quality Kango, as a military product company for more than 10 years, our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. 0 complains on the quality has brought us a lot of praises. 2. Help customers with professionalism The founder of t...

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    Teach you to choose a suitable outdoor equipment

    High mountains, high altitudes, rivers and mountains. Without a set of practical mountaineering equipment, the road under your feet will be difficult. Today, we will choose outdoor equipment together. Backpack: a powerful tool for reducing load Backpack is one of the necessary outdoor equipment. ...

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    How to choose a sleeping bag?

    The outdoor sleeping bag is the basic thermal barrier for mountain climbers in autumn and winter. In order to have a good sleep in the mountains, some people do not hesitate to bring heavy sleeping bags, but they are still very cold. Some sleeping bags look small and convenient, but they are also...

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    Global freight—–Worrying and Uncertain Future

    COVID-19, Suez Canal blocked, Global trade volume rebounded.......These were happened in the past two years and it caused the rising of Global freight. Compare with the cost in early 2019, the Global freight doubled even tripled. Not just above, according the news. North...

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