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How to choose a sleeping bag?

The outdoor sleeping bag is the basic thermal barrier for mountain climbers in autumn and winter.
In order to have a good sleep in the mountains, some people do not hesitate to bring heavy sleeping bags, but they are still very cold. Some sleeping bags look small and convenient, but they are also fluffy and warm.
Facing the strange outdoor sleeping bags on the market, did you choose the right one?
Sleeping bag, the most reliable outdoor partner
Outdoor sleeping bags are a big part of Shanyou’s equipment. Especially when camping in Xingshan, sleeping bags play an important role.
It is winter, and the campsite is camped in cold weather. Mountain friends are not only prone to cold feet, but also cold hands and even cold abdomen. At this time, a cold proof sleeping bag can keep you warm and warm to sleep.
Even in summer, the mountain climate is often “very different” between day and night. People still sweat profusely when walking during the day, and it is common for the temperature to drop at night.
In the face of a wide range of brand and outdoor sleeping bags, the key to choosing a suitable sleeping bag is to rely on these points to make Shanyou really “warm as before”.
What is the key to choose a sleeping bag?

Generally, you can refer to the comfortable temperature and height of sleeping bags as the standard for purchasing sleeping bags.
1. comfortable temperature: the lowest ambient temperature at which standard women can sleep comfortably in a relaxed position without feeling cold
2. lower limit temperature / limited temperature: the lowest ambient temperature at which standard men curl up in sleeping bags without feeling cold
3. extreme temperature: the lowest ambient temperature at which a standard woman will shiver but not lose temperature after curling up in a sleeping bag for 6 hours
4. upper limit temperature: the maximum ambient temperature at which the head and hands of standard men will not sweat when they stretch out of the sleeping bag

Post time: Jan-30-2022