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Teach you to choose a suitable outdoor equipment

High mountains, high altitudes, rivers and mountains. Without a set of practical mountaineering equipment, the road under your feet will be difficult. Today, we will choose outdoor equipment together.

Backpack: a powerful tool for reducing load
Backpack is one of the necessary outdoor equipment. It doesn’t have to be expensive to buy a bag. What matters is the carrying system suitable for your body, such as height, waist circumference, etc. When shopping, you must try it again and again. It is best to have a weight-bearing test. Methods: put a certain weight in the bag and fasten the belt. The belt should not be high or low on the crotch; Tighten the shoulder strap again, so that the shoulder, back and waist are evenly stressed and feel comfortable. As long as one part is uncomfortable, this bag is not suitable for you. Many donkey friends think that a 70 liter or 80 liter backpack is too heavy, but experienced donkeys tell us that carrying does not depend on the weight of the backpack itself, but on the weight of the items contained in the backpack. In fact, as far as the weight of the bag itself is concerned, there is no difference between an ordinary 60 liter bag and a 70 liter bag. If you are well equipped for long-distance travel, it is recommended that you need a maximum mountaineering bag in the tundra. 70-80l is enough. Secondly, check whether the top bag, side bag, shoulder belt and belt can be taken easily, whether the loading system is divided reasonably, and whether the parts pressed on the back can breathe and absorb sweat. Pack if you can. Try not to plug in.

Shoes: Security
The quality of shoes is directly related to personal safety. “In spring, summer, autumn and winter, hiking shoes are a must.” Mountaineering shoes are divided into high top and middle top. Different environments, different seasons, different uses, different choices. The climbing shoes for climbing snow mountains weigh up to 3kg and are not suitable for long-distance crossing. For ordinary travelers, it’s best to choose Gao Bang, which can protect the ankle bones. Because of long time walking, the ankle is easy to be injured. Secondly, it is also the most important – anti slip, waterproof, anti binding and breathable. “Be sure to wear more than half a size or a size. After wearing it, measure the heel with your finger. The gap is about one finger.” If you need to wade, you’d better prepare a pair of river shoes or a pair of cheap release shoes.

Tent and sleeping bag: outdoor dream
Sleeping bag is almost an essential equipment in outdoor activities. The quality of sleeping bag is related to the quality of the whole sleep process. In a more dangerous and harsh environment, sleeping bag is an important equipment to ensure life. How to choose a suitable sleeping bag is very important. Sleeping bags are divided into cotton sleeping bags, down sleeping bags and fleece sleeping bags according to their materials; According to the structure, it can be divided into envelope type and mummy type; According to the number of people, there are single sleeping bags and couple sleeping bags. Each sleeping bag has a temperature scale. After the night temperature of the place to go is determined, you can choose according to the temperature scale.

Clothing and equipment: pay equal attention to functions
Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, you must wear long clothes and trousers. The clothes of standard hikers are divided into three layers: underwear, sweat wicking and quick drying; Middle layer, keep warm; The outer layer is windproof, rainproof and breathable.

Do not choose cotton underwear. Although cotton absorbs sweat well, it is not easy to dry. You will lose temperature when you catch a cold in the cold.

Post time: Jan-30-2022