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Kango Anti-UAV Defense System

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 Outpost Passive Detection System


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Fixed Type:Outposts AD: 800/2000
Detection freguency band:30MHZ~6GHz Full-band scanning, detection and display
Detection distance:3km、5km、10km
Directional accuracy:3°
Number of real-time detection:≥30
Strike distance:2km、3km
Reconnaissance airspace:360° full airspace
Dimension:410mmx330mmx190mm ( LxWxD )

Fixed outpost detection system with passive passive detection characteristics, high security, confidentiality, suitablefor institutional compounds, airports, military industrial sites, prisons, water conservancy and hydropower and otherfixed areas of installation and deployment, long -term use.

Passive detection:
Passive reception only withoutany electromagnetic signalemission

Accurate direction finding:
an accurately determine theincoming direction of the droneand effectively indicate the target

Precise identification:
an accurately identifydifferent drones of the samebrand and model, andidentify the electronicfingerprint of the drone

Black and white list:
One key to mark the black andwhite list white-listed dronesare not interfered with

Network positioning:
Single unit can measure directiorand distance, and multiple unitscan be networked and positionedwith unlimited distance extension

Network positioning:
Support more than 98% ofdrone models on the market


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