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KDY-200 UAV Portable Drone Handheld Jamming Equipment Drone Defense

Short Description:

Category Parameter name Index
Size The whole machine size Length: 663mm, width: 298mm,
height: 88mm
Charger Size Length: 130mm, width: 60mm,
height: 35mm
Weight The whole
machine weight
Charger weight ≤500g
Antenna Wideband Log
Periodic Antenna
Vertical Polarization, Horizontal Flap Angle 130°, Vertical Flap Angle 55°, Gain 9dBi
5.8G Log Periodic
Vertical Polarization, 34° Horizontal Waveform Angle, Vertical Waveform Angle
30°, Gain 16dBi
Others Power supply mode Built-in DC24V lithium battery
Display method OLED liquid crystal display screen
Equipment Composition Integrated drone countermeasures
equipment, no exposed cables
operation temperature ‘-20°C~50°C


Product Detail

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KDY-200 portable drone handheld jamming equipment is the first low-altitude drone defense product launched by CloudScramble. Through the communication data link, image transmission link and navigation link of the drone, it achieves the purpose of cutting off the communication and navigation between the drone and the remote control, thus forcing the drone to land automatically or driving it away, and safeguarding the safety of low-altitude airspace.


Category Parameter name Index
ception Frequency
ISM 900: 830-940(MHZ)
ISM 2400:2400-2484(MHZ)
ISM 5800:5725-5875(MHZ)
Interception power
ISM 900:≥40dBm
GNSS L1:≥40dBm
ISM 2400:≥45dBm
ISM 5800:≥45dBm
Total Intercept RF Power
Interception distance
≥2000【standard test method】
Electrical paramet
Work time
Continuous working time ≥ 100 minutes using built-in lithium battery
Battery capacity
Equipment electrical power consumption
Charging method
External DC24 power adapter

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