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Wet Weather Poncho Liner Woobie

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The Wet Weather Poncho Liner, also informally known as a Woobie, is a piece of field gear originating in the United States military. The USMC Woobie can be attached to a standard issue poncho. The USMC Poncho Liner is a versatile piece of kit that is usable as a blanket, sleeping bag or protective cover. The USMC Poncho Liner  retains heat even when wet. The USMC Poncho Liner is constructed with a nylon outer shell with a polyester filling. It is attached to the poncho with shoe lace like strings that loop through holes in the poncho.

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*DIMENSION: 82 " x 56 "
*WEIGHT: 2lbs
*INCLUDES: Drawstring Carry bag
*FEATURES: Water repellent, Exceptional Warm, Lightweight
*VERSATILITY: It can not only be used as outdoor products but also suitable for home use, such as camping blanket, TV blanket, gym blanket, military blanket, pillow
*WAYS TO USE: Tie Cords to Secure to the Rain Poncho for an Improvised Sleeping Bag

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