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Anti Drone UAV Defense System Long Range Anti-Drone All-In-One Passive Detection And Position System

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Portable inspection and fight one system using integrated, compact design, with flexible deployment, easy to use, easy to transport and carry, suitable for public security law enforcement, armed police special duty, troop patrol and other scenarios, to achieve flexible and rapid deployment and dynamic and efficient prevention and control.


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High level of integration: Highly integrated functions such as detection, striking and computing, all-in-one design

Excellent portability: Wheeled trolley case design, easy to transport and carry

High practicality: Simple operation, dynamic transportation or static placement conditions can be used

W-1520P ANTI UAV (1)
Fixed Type Submarine Shield W-P: 1520
Detection frequency band 30MHz~6GHz Full-band scanning, detection and display
Key frequency band 800MHz、900MHz、1.4GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz
Detection distance 3km
Strike frequency band 900MHz、1.5GHz、2.4GHz、5.8GHz multi-band can be customized
Strike distance  2km
Directional accuracy 3°(configuration directional antenna)
Dimension of main machine 560mm×460mm×260mm(L×W×D)
Weight  23.7kg


W-1520P ANTI UAV (2)
W-1520P ANTI UAV (4)
W-1520P ANTI UAV (5)
W-1520P ANTI UAV (8)
W-1520P ANTI UAV (6)
W-1520P ANTI UAV (7)

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