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Four-Eye Panoramic Military Binocular Night Vision Device Allowing for Use Helmet

Short Description:

★ Flexible use: It can be used with headsets, helmets, or hand-held.
★ This night vision device uses 2nd generation+ (or quasi-3rd generation and higher) level image intensifier.
★ Ultra-broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating
★ Built-in infrared light and low battery indicator (displayed in the eyepiece)
★ Direction sensing automatic switch
★ Automatic brightness adjustment
★ Anti-strong light and power outage protection
★ Multiple working modes

Product Detail

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Model KANVD18 KANVD18+
Appearance style Four eyes panoramic view Four eyes panoramic view
Increase the level of image management Generation 2 + (Gen2 +) Quasi 3 generations
Resolution (line pair, lp / mm) 60-64 64-72
Quality factor (FOM value) 1400-1800 1600-2300
Sensitivity (micro-amps / lumine, µ A / lm) 700-1000 850-1200
noise-signal ratio 23-28 28-32
Brightness gain (cd / / lx) 8000-12000 10000-20000
The type of cathode plane S25 GaAs
Lens coating Ultra-broadband multilayer increasing penetration film Ultra-broadband multilayer increasing penetration film
Amplication rate (x, X) 1 1
Field of view (degree, °) 130° 130°
Vision adjustment range (refraction) (degree, °) +5/-5 +5/-5
lens combination F1.2, 25.8mm F1.2, 25.8mm
Objective lens adjustment range (m) 1--∞ 1--∞
Volume (mm) / /
Weight (g) 923g (bare machine) 923g (bare machine)
Power supply voltage (V) 2.0-4.2 2.0-4.2
Battery type 1 CR123A lithium battery 1 CR123A lithium battery
Continuous working hours (hours) / /
/ /
Anti-strong light protection function have have
Image automatic brightness adjustment function have have
Battery cover spring is embedded in the design have have
Infrared auxiliary lamp have have
Built-in infrared light indication have have
External battery box support support
Situational induction switch support support
Eye distance locking function support support
Ired lamp wavelength (nm) 850 850
Operating temperature range (°C) -50/+60 -50/+60
Storage temperature range (°C) -50/+70 -50/+70
relative humidity 5%-98% 5%-98%
No failure time For 10,000 hours For 10,000 hours
Dust and waterproof level IP65 (IP67 optional) IP65 (IP67 optional)
Official warranty In 1 year In 1 year

Night Vision Effect Preview:




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