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Portable Multi-Band 1-10km Drone Detector Handheld Anti Drone UAV Positioning

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Detection and identification of drone types
Most of the common brand drones such as DJI, Daotong, Feimi, Dahua, Haoxiang and other homemade traversers, WiFi machines, etc. on
the market.
Locatable drone models
DJI Imperial, Air, Mini, FPV, Avata and other models
Detection band (Hz)
Detection and positioning distance
1~10km(Depends on the environment)
Detection height
Number of targets that can be detected simultaneously
≥5number of sorties
Simultaneous tracking and display of drone trajectories
azimuthal error
positioning accuracy
Detection success rate
Deployment time
≤90s(The device is deployed until it enters the working state)
Equipment withdrawal time
Recognition Response Time

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